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Want to build your own dune buggy or buy one, there are vendors who specialize in manufactured dune buggys and those who sell dune buggy plans, engines and parts for the do it yourself dune bugy enthusiasts. One of the most complete supplier websites is dunebuggy.com.

Another fun site is railbuggies.com which focuses on the east coast states and off road driving opportunities in the mountains of Tennessee and North Carolina. Although it appears the site has not been updated lately there is a "Places to buy dunebuggies, parts, and plans" section with contact information for local parts suppliers.

Dune Buggy - Sandrail

Sure you can buy a commercially made, ready to go dune buggy and begin enjoying the thrill of the ride right away. But the experience of building a dune buggy is a truly unique and fulfilling opportunity. Building your dune buggy will take a little more time but in the end you will have a custom made dune buggy unlike any other and you will have all the experiences and memories that come with it. 1961 or later Volkswagen Beetles are still one of the most popular choices for a dune buggy chassis and engine. Can't find a VW, don't despair you can find and buy the parts separately at local junk yards or online.

If you have children, a great place for you and your kids to start learning the fun of dune buggies is for your kids to own their own dune buggy such as the razor dune buggy. You'll kids will thank you and you'll have a hand on machine to work out design principals of the dune buggy, allowing you to scale things up for your own project.

Sand Rail Kits

Some dune buggy builders weld their own chassis from steel tubing creating a truly unique vehicle. Their dune buggies are called sandrails because of the steel tube frames.

Another alternative is to order a kit car. Examples are American Fiberglass' "Humbug" which has features of the classic Corvette and BMB's "Survivor", a version of the Lamborghini Cheetah. The prices for kits range from reasonable to very expensive.

Building a dune buggy can be a great family or buddy project. You will hone your mechanical skills and create memories will last a life time.

Sand Rail Parts

Dune Buggy Excursions

Have your own dune buggy and looking for riding opportunities or looking for a tour company that provides the dune buggy? Dune Buggies as all off road vehicles are somewhat controversial today as environmentalists and off road enthusiasts debate the impact of off road vehicles on the animal and plant life in the national parks and other nature reserves. The debate has not stopped the growing popularity of the off road experience with the general public. Dune buggies tours and off road venues continue to be in high demand.

There are dune buggy clubs that sponsor meets and swaps all over the country. Many have online sites.

Where to take your DuneBuggys

Dune Buggy Destinations

National parks in the United States allow dune buggies in some of the parks with very strict rules in force. Check with the park before you make plans to be sure you can take your dune buggy into the park. The rules are enforced by the park rangers and the equipment requirements are strict, protecting the dune buggy driver and the parks.

The desert around Las Vegas is another popular dune buggy destination. There are several Las Vegas companies who offer dune bugy tours. There are also popular dune buggy excursions offered in Florida, Michigan, and Oregon. Mexico's ocean and jungle resorts like Cozumel and Puerto Vallarta also offer dune buggy tours. These tours provide the dune buggies so you don't need your own to experience the thrill of driving a dune buggy. Where ever you there are off road opportunities there are dune buggies and dune buggy tours. All you have to do is a little research and enjoy the ride.

Dune Buggy History

Dune Buggy History

The history of the Dune Buggy is kind of fuzzy, but there is a history. First there were beaches and deserts and kids with a car or truck and the desire to drive fast up and down the sand. It didn't take long to figure out you could go faster if you had a lighter vehicle and a more powerful engine. The first dune buggies were often modified VW Bugs. In the late 1960's used VW Bugs were cheap and plentiful. Those interested in making a dune buggy would buy the used VW's and use the engines and the chassis as the basis for a "Dune Buggy."

Not all dune buggies are built on modified car chassis.The most famous dune buggy is the "Meyers Manx" built of fiberglass by Bruce Meyers in the 1960's. Although the fiber glass body was a technical success and widely copied by others Bruce Meyers lost money and sold the company after manufacturing less than 1500 of the Meyers Manx vehicles. Dune buggies with a fiberglass body are still popular today and in the 1990's Bruce Meyers came out of retirement at the request of avid Manx fans and made a limited edition of 100 fiberglass Manx buggies. In 2001 he developed, again at the request of fans, the Manxter a four seat fiberglass dune buggy.

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